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Master Catman Rich Johnson now offering his newly released e-book, Trophy Catfish Tricks Revealed. Its always better to know who you are buying from. For a limited time only get free instructions for making your own secrete weapon. Takes only minuets to make from ordinary household items, and guarantee's a fish fry every time you use it.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free Secreet Devise Instructions/by Rich Johnson

FREE : Secrete Fishing Trick
The American Catters new e-book, (TROPHY CATFISHING TRICKS REVEALED) For a limited time only I will give you the free instructions to build this marvelous fishing devise for everyone ordering my new e-book. Only minuets to make from ordinary stuff around your house. Build it in less than 10 minuets. This simple trick will furnish you with more fish than you will ever be able to eat. You will be giving fish away and your friends will think you are the best fishermen they know. You will be catching, , Catfish,Bluegill,Crappie,Bass about anything with fins and gills when ever you want to. Remember, I am The American Catter, Rich Johnson and you have my word for it. Win a free guided trip with me watch for details coming soon.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cane Pole Cattin / by Rich Johnson

Cane Pole Cattin
Bamboo crackled and popped as the line scissored to and fro throught the stained water creating tiny bubbles, silent temporary witnesses to this battle between fin and flesh. Again and again this fresh water shark of the midwest lunged for the underwater log jam that had been his majestic home. If only he could tangle the line freedom would be only minutes away. As I pulled back on the pole I could not help but wonder as to who would be the victor. Would it be the tensile strengh of the line , the timber of my bamboo staff, my quickly tiring tendons or the ancient determination of this fish as old as time itself. Just as I thought that I could not take any more I felt the big fish give a little ground. All of the pulling, twisting and jerking that had taken it toll on me had been equally hard on the large johnny as well.As I quickly and quietly slipped my net into the water in preparation of claiming my prize it quickly became evident that this net was way too small. Along with this sudden realization my arms again encountered this thrashing monster his sole intent it seemed was to pull my limbs from their sockets. During this tussle I was reminded on the old joke about the man who had climbed the tree to pull a raccoon from it. Instead of a coon it was a cougar. to witch he hollered at his friend to shoot the cougar. His friend hollered up that he was afraid to shoot he might hit his friend, but his friend hollered back :I dont care if you do , one of us needs some relief. This I could wholeheartedly relate too. The give and take of my bamboo pole finally bested this proud warrior. Laying the useless dip net aside I reached down and carefully placed my hands on each side of the flats head, grabbing the protruding spikes sticking out on each side of his head. I lifted this beaten gladiator and placed him in the bottom of my boat.Looking at him while trying to catch my breath I could not help but respect and admire this magnificent creature. As the shaking in my extremities had quieted I placed this fish on the end of my hanson (scale) and lifted him in the air. The needle pointed to 51 pounds.
Long before the age of modern rods and reels fishing poles consisted of the best bamboo or willow one could find. A strong piece of twine a hook and sometimes a floating bite detector )a cork) completed ones fishing equipment. String was tied to the butt or the big end of the willow wrapped the of the pole with several feet of line wrapped around the tip or the small end of this pole. This allowed the fishermen of old to roll or unroll as much line as was needed to reach the best fish holding spots in the deepest pools. When a large catfish was encountered the drag system of old was a combination of the flex of your fishing stick and the raising and lowering of the pole itself. When the pole could no longer bend the fishermen lowered his arm. Should the fist give any slack at all, the pole was lifted into the air. This continued until the fish succumbed, the line broke, or the hook pulled out. Today other than children few fishermen experience the face to face confrontation with a adversary that is full of pep, instead of one that is worn out from challenging the drag system of modern day reels from hundreds of feet away. I enjoy the close contact of cane pole fishing and I hope you will give it a try. Oh by the way after a few quick pic's I put that 51 pound'er back to live and to fight another day. Photos are the real trophies not some dead fish shown off all over town and then cast into a dumpster or a ditch on your way home. Pictures are forever!

Welcome Catfishermen

In the coming weeks I will be adding to this blog shortcuts to catching more fish every time you go fishing. More times than not, adding fish to your stringer is nothing more than being more or better prepared. If you are like most people in America and have trouble setting aside a lot of time for catching catfish maybe there is something I can do to insure that you catch more fish in a shorter amount of time. Watch for my new e-book Trophy Catfishing Tricks Revealed, by the Americian Catter. Bonus offer, for a limited time only I will include instructions on building a simple devise that I guarantee's a instant fish fry everytime you use it. It takes only minuets to construct and yet produces eating fish by the hundreds.Not only does this method work with catfish it does even better on pan fish (crappie&bluegill) Imagine catching as many as 100 or better pan fish in a single hour. This method guarantee's you a fish fry every time you go to the water. I will put this info out in this blog in a very short while. Keep a eye out for it.


p.s. As this item will produce tons of fish remember to practice good sportsmanship and only keep enough fish to feed your family and friends.

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This is the inaugural launch of The Catter Digest! Come back soon for tips and tales on catfish fishing!